2018 Success (so far!)


Sophie Ward - Renaissance Arts 3 Year Dance and Musical Theatre Course


As well as thier foundation training at Chatsworth, the following students have auditioned (successfully) for further training oportunities:


Lily Fearnley  - Northern Contempoary Dance, Advanced Training Scheme 


Neve Ranson, Sophia Kondi & Zoe Pears - Renaissance Arts Scholars


Tasha Lobley - York College, Dance and Performing Arts


Niamh Armstrong, Lauren Nicholls - SLP Scholars


Bella Henry - I.D.T.A Scholarship Nomination


Sophia Kondi, Zoe Pears - Performance at The Harrogate Bridal Show 


Bella Henry, Niamh Armstrong, Neve Ranson, Lauren Nicholls, Lauren Dowie & Sophia Kondi - HARROGATE 2018 PANTO 


Past Success 


Georgina Morphet (14) - Elmhurst Ballet School


Tom Cape (11) - Northern Ballet CATS Programme


Saskia Dean (19) - Italia Conte Performing Arts


Emma Ryder (19) - Renaissance Arts College


Nicole Jackson (17) - Laine Theatre Arts


Paige Summerton (18) - SLP College


Keeley Ezzard (20) - Wilkes Academy


Amber Morley(14) - Northern Ballet Intermediate


Bella Henry (12) - Emlhurst Ballet School Associate


We also have students taking pre assocaite and associate teaching exams with Mrs Ann Atkinson (F.I.D.T.A/Emlhurst) including, Lauryn Dean, Saskia Dean and Jo Halford.